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#ruthclarkcreative in the wild:


I wore your shirt to my student performance evening tonight where they performed pieces depicting epic women throughout history including Rosa Parks, Emma Watson, Ellen, Frida Kahlo, Bethany Hamilton, and Jane Goodall. They loved my shirt and it became our motto for the day. So thank you for your beautiful work. It meant a lot to my girls tonight.


I LOVE my shirt!! I wore it yesterday and today and kind of never want to take it off. It feels so special to wear your handwriting.


#neverthelessshepersisted on this shirt has so much meaning for me. I have been doing Crossfit for over a year now and every time I go, I bust through limiting beliefs about myself. Stuff like: you can't do that, you aren't strong enough, you had cancer, your body isn't the same. That talk is exhausting! I've decided to continue working on being the healthiest, fittest self I can be. I've persisted through cancer on my own terms. I think I've got this.


They are beautiful 100% cotton. Already my favorite tee!